Call on Canada's New Prime Minister to End the Seal Slaughter!

The largest commercial slaughter of marine mammals on the planet is set to begin again in Canada in a matter of days.
By the end of the hunt, more than 300,000 seals are expected to be clubbed or shot to death by fishermen who hunt seals off-season to pick up extra cash by selling their skins. Almost all of their victims will be babies -- some as young as 12 days old.

During a recent hunt, veterinarians who examined dead seals concluded that 42% of the seals examined had most likely been skinned while they were alive and still conscious.

Polls consistently show that most Canadians oppose the hunt, but still the Canadian government and fishing industry refuse to end it.

But there is new hope on the ice. Canada has a new Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, and a new party in power. With enough public support, they may consider ending this terrible hunt forever.

Sign this petition now and send it to anyone who cares about protecting the lives of Canada's seals.

lime virgins

going through the list of search words used to find my site (among others):
"slimy lime background" (interesting taste)
"pink devil virgin" (interesting religious inclinations)
"quicks grapes" (huh?)
"lime lemon bleeding" (didnt know they could do that)
"devil is daria" (not really)
"bloody gothic virgin" (okay....)
"psychedelic virgin" (what's with the virgins?)
for the curious ones -- yes, I do have a linkware background titled Virgin Blood
and it's psychedelic ;-)

48 hours CONTEST announcement

The rules are simple. I'm sending this message to several lists and posting it on my blog and site at the same time. In 48 hours after posting (approximately the midnight between Feb, 2 and Feb, 3), the contest will be closed.
To enter the contest, you need to join my newsletter & excerpts list:
within those 48 hours.
Two winners will get a copy of my newest release, Flesh Will Tell.
The catch? Of course! One winner has to be a person who has a blog, and this person will have to agree to blog about the book after s/he reads it. The second winner is someone who doesn't have a blog, otherwise it won't be fair. Both winners will be chosen randomly from their respective groups.
See you in 48 hours!
PS for the bloggers -- please, once you join, read the post titled "bloggers"

(no subject)

Dearie me, you are a Hoyden! You may have
brothers, but it is most likely you are the
indulged only daughter of an affectionate
father and a mother who died when you were an
infant. You have been known to wear breeches,
refuse to ride sidesaddle and know how to use a
pistol or a rapier. There is a distinct
possibility that you will become embroiled with
smugglers. You are definitely cheeky and
fearless. Your hero will at first mistake you
for a boy, but his inexplicable attraction to
you will lead him to deduce that you are in
fact female. He will be torn between his
respect for your daring and skill at manly
pursuits, and his irrational yet intense fear
for your safety, which will manifest itself in
him becoming very angry with you. You will, of
course, not recognise the fear beneath his
anger, and will shout right back at him - there
is a good possibility things will turn steamy
at this point. The situation will resolve
itself either in you taming your wild ways
because you can't bear to cause him concern, or
in you rescuing him, leading to a compromise in
which he recognises and respects your
abilities, and you take fewer risks. Let us
hope it is the latter.

The Regency Romance Quiz: What kind of Romance Heroine are you?
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infernal blog tag

Diana Peterfreund called this "another one of those infernal "blog tag" quizzes," but this one is quite fun *g*
Okay, so I'm doing it totally my way (unlike the way it is supposed to be done, but we all knew I would, right?)
What were you doing ten years ago?
Go ahead, ask me what I was doing during the Jurassic period. Only the chroniclers know.
What were you doing one year ago?
Working on my evil plan for world domination. It's gonna start any time now.
Five Snacks You Enjoy:
Cheese chips. Lemon candy. Licorice. Ran out of choices. I don't like snacks much.
Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:
You kidding? I'm hard pressed to remember *one.* Okay...
Come Fly With Me by Frank Sinatra.
Two Minutes To Midnight by Iron Maiden
Rebel Yell by Billy Idol.
The Prettiest Star by David Bowie
Into the Mystic by Van Morrison
oh, who could think... there could be more than five. My memory's better than I thought it was.
Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
You don't want to know it, people. You really don't ;)
Five Bad Habits:
Too many to count. But I'll try. I leave all the dust bunnies alive. I waste time, words, and money. I procrastinate. Sometimes I wear dark nail polish on long nails. Now excuse me, the fashion police has broken down the doors. Gotta run.
Five Things You Like Doing:
Writing. Flying. Riding in a car with someone special through the city night. Having wild and dangerous adventures. That's with the number five anyway?
Five Things You Would Never Wear or Buy Again:

Again? Hmm... that makes it more difficult.
Vanilla Ice Cream Pepsi (next time I want some, I'll just plop some ice cream in my Diet).
Champagne colored anything (so not my color).
Baby blue Aston Martin (way slow) 
Expensive umbrellas (lost them all)
Cake eyeliner (plain nasty)
Five Favorite Toys:
None legal.
~ * ~